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Corewave Therapy- Treating the Cause of Erectile Dysfunction

Before now, the treatment of erectile dysfunction involved therapies that would treat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and not the cause.  Medications such as Cialis or Viagra and penile injections are helpful but they do not treat the "core" cause of the problem.  

Treating the health of the penis and the underlying problem is important. Fortunately, things have changed. Centers for Sexual Medicine in Philadelphia and New York are the first centers in the United States to offer Corewave Therapy.

The CorewaveTM Therapy Difference

Corewave Therapy is not like other low intensity shockwave or acoustic wave therapies. Corewave Therapy is only available to urologist and sexual medicine physicians which is important.  These trained specialist undergo years of training to treat and understand erectile dysfunction.  The providers undergo extensive training in how to properly and safely perform the therapy.  Corewave Therapy uses unique protocols and wavelengths that have been developed to specifically target different degrees of ED thus making it successful in many patients. 

Corewave Therapy treatment can actually improve the health of the penile erectile tissue. It accomplishes this by delivering painless energy waves to the erectile tissues of the penis. Since our physicians are well trained there is minimal risk and it is done in the office. These waves release growth factors that actually increase more blood flow to the penis and has been shown to recruit stem cell formation in the penis leading to a more rigid erection for many men. 

It is important to have a thorough evaluation by a men's sexual health expert or urologist before considering any treatment for ED.  Not all physicians are the same and it takes someone who is trained properly to help determine what medication or technology will work best for you.  Corewave Therapy therapy is exciting, supported by research, and is only offered by a select few medical practices in the country. Centers for Sexual Medicine has been excited for this game changer in treating the cause of erectile dysfunction over the last several years.  If interested, please look at the Corewave website, and contact us if you have any interest in pursing this next generation treatment for ED.