Penile Implant 

Dr. Gittens has the experience in placing and sizing your penile implant to give you the most length and girth to maximize your results. 

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Penile Implants

Another Option for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

In the event that conventional medications for erectile dysfunction are unsuccessful, the penile implant (aka penile prosthesis, penis pump) is an excellent option. The penile implant has been found to be a very effective treatment for erectile dysfunction and has demonstrated high levels of patient satisfaction in men that have failed other erectile dysfunction therapies. Most importantly, the implant provides a reliable erection that is both enjoyable for men and their partners.

Penile implants are indicated for almost every condition that may cause erectile dysfunction. Some of these conditions include diabetes, prostate cancer surgery or radiation therapy, Peyronie’s disease, priapism, neurological disease and many others. There are several types of penile implants that Dr. Gittens will discuss with you.

The more common implants are inflatable. The inflatable penile implant is placed during an operative procedure. When the penile implant is not in use, it is well concealed and looks very similar to the natural penis.

Penile Size after Implant Surgery

Understandably, many men are concerned about the appearance of their penis after surgery. Erectile dysfunction, diabetes, and Peyronie's Disease can all cause penile shortening. Implantation generally restores the penis to its usual size when erect. When flaccid, a penis with an implant may appear longer and wider. While some surgeons will promise unrealistic results such as length enhancement, penile implantation is not meant to enhance the size of the penis, it is primarily meant to restore sexual function.

How Do I Know if a Penile Implant is Right for Me?

Dr. Gittens has placed hundreds of penile implants with great success and high patient satisfaction. He is fellowship trained in sexual dysfunction and has been the director of sexual dysfunction at a major medical school in New York City where he taught and lectured how to place the penile implant.

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