Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy: A New Way to Restore Sexual Function

Men and women of all ages deserve the same thing: healthy, fulfilling sexual function that lasts a lifetime. Along the way, a variety of problems might of course crop up: erectile difficulties, trouble reaching orgasm, low libido and more. We’re proud to add platelet-rich plasma therapy, or PRP, to our arsenal of tools to help men and women overcome these issues.

PRP is cutting-edge science, and the Philadelphia Center for Sexual Medicine is at its forefront. Specific treatment varies depending on a patient’s gender, age and ailment, but the broad contours of the therapy remain the same. The process starts with a simple blood draw. We then take this blood sample and — in our on-site lab, generally within about 15 minutes or so — separate and concentrate what’s known as platelet-rich plasma.

Platelets are important: A major factor in blood clotting and wound healing, they’re extraordinarily conducive to cellular growth. Once your sample is fully concentrated, we place the newly platelet-rich plasma into your body: for men, usually in the part of the penis most important for sexual function and sensitivity; for women, typically the area of the vagina colloquially known as the “O-Spot” — the cluster of cells where orgasm is induced.

Dr. Paul Gittens is one of the leading practitioners of this new therapy. Both a urologist and a former assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology, he has the skills and experience necessary to successfully treat both men and women with PRP Therapy. You’ll receive the entire treatment regimen at Philadelphia Sexual Medicine, too; we offer the full range of sexual-health services in one welcoming environment — so we won’t waste your time with additional referrals, procedure outsourcing or other delays. You’ll get personalized treatment from an expert in the field.

PRP therapy is exciting stuff. The substantial regenerative capabilities of the platelet-rich plasma will help improve circulation and tissue health, thereby helping restore optimal sensitivity and overall sexual function. It’s the latest weapon in our arsenal, and among the most effective, to help all our patients achieve their best possible sex life. For more information about PRP therapy for men, click here; for women, click here. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us to set up a consultation.

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