Female Sexual Dysfunction

Approximately 40 million women in the United States experience some form of sexual dysfunction. This can affect multiple aspects of a woman’s life, including psychological well-being and the relationship with their partner.

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Orgasmic Disorder

Almost 20% of women are unable to obtain an orgasm. This can be extremely frustrating for you and your partner. Female orgasmic disorder can be defined as a delay or absence of attaining an orgasm following sufficient sexual stimulation and arousal. This can cause personal distress and problems with many other aspects of life.

Pain with Intercourse

There are many reasons that may cause a woman to have pain with intercourse. Although pain with sex is much more common in the time close to and extending through menopause, it can also occur in younger women. The effects of pain with intercourse can be devastating to many women and they may stop or avoid having intercourse with their partner. Some common causes of pain are inflammation, infection, muscle spasm and abnormal nerve pain.