Hormone Therapy

At our centers we are not only concerned about sexual health but also hormonal balance and wellness. Menopause and hormonal imbalances can cause a variety of unwanted symptoms. Using hormones that your body recognizes as identical to the ones it produces, is a way to naturally replace these deficiencies, allowing you to feel normal again.

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Progesterone Deficiency

Progestrone is a female hormone that, like estrogen, is essential to a woman's vitality. Prior to menopause it is necessary for the initiation and maintenance of pregnancy, and so much more. There are a number of places where progesterone is active outside the uterus. Progesterone receptors are found in the the brain, skin, bone and eyes. After menopause, progesterone is no longer produced in large amounts and levels decrease significantly.  Progesterone is an important hormone and should be replaced to establish a balanced hormonal flora.

Benefits of Progesterone Therapy

•       Protection against breast cancer and uterine cancer
•       Decrease menopausal symptoms
•       Stimulation of production of new bone
•       Reduction of anxiety
•       Decrease in cholesterol
•       Anti-inflammation
•       Improvement of libido

Dr. Gittens is a board certified urologist, specially trained in sexual medicine. We deliver state of the art treatment for hormone replacement, and sexual dysfunction. By focusing on problems surrounding women’s sexual health, we are specifically committed to our patients needs, and results. Request a consultation today.

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