We are proud to be the first center of Regen E.D.  Our goal is to have you functioning as you once did by providing better natural erections and optimizing your sexual health. 

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Proven erectile dysfunction solutions personalized for your unique situation

We provide the most advanced treatments for erectile dysfunction by using state of the art therapies in platelet rich plasma, stem cell therapy and wave therapy. Our proven approach surpasses the current erectile dysfunction treatments offered by other providers.

Erectile dysfunction is a progressive disease that will affect most men. Instead of treating the problem with medications, at Regen ED we attempt to:

  • Improve your natural erections 
  • Enhance the health of your erections and blood vessels
  • Possible take you off of your oral erection medications
  • Slow the progression of erectile dysfunction

Our treatment methods

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP extracted from your own blood can be used to stimulate the body's natural healing processes, leading to improvement of the the penile function.

Stem Cells

There are several areas in the body that contain a rich amount of stem cells. These are the fat  (adipose) and the bone marrow.  Stem cells can differentiate into muscle, blood vessels and nerve. 

Wave therapy

Focused RegenWAVE therapy has been shown in many patients to assist the penis by increasing blood vessel formation (angiogenesis) and increasing nitric oxide locally in the penis, thus resulting in improved erectile function.

Find a program that is right for you

We provide solutions for the entire spectrum of erectile dysfunction - from the earliest onset to severe, treatment-resistant cases. Our programs are based on the combination of medical history, physical exam findings and your degree of erectile dysfunction. They are often modified to meet the needs of each patient's specific situation.

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