Sexual Health after Prostate Cancer

Our state of the art treatment protocol after prostate cancer therapy utilizes the most advanced and penile regenerative protocols to help regain sexual function and length after surgery or radiation.    

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Sex After Prostate Cancer 

Dr. Gittens focuses on helping you regain your erections after cancer therapy.  His Penile Recovery program combines traditional and regenerative therapies in a one of a kind effective protocol to help you to obtain your goals. 

As a consequence of  prostate cancer, bladder cancer or colorectal cancer treatment, most men suffer from erectile dysfunction and shortening of penile length. At New York Center for Sexual medicine and Philadelphia Center for Sexual Medicine, our Penile Recovery Program Protocol maximizes the chances of having functional erections.

Penile Recovery Program 

Dr. Gittens Penile Recovery Program after cancer is unlike any in the United States. His protocol uses a combination of  traditional treatments and the state of art in regenerative therapy.  His regenerative therapy protocol allows for new blood vessel formation and helps to rehabilitate the penis and health of the penile tissue.   

Our Penile Recovery Program treatment protocol can be started just prior to therapy or after therapy has begun.  We focus on preserving your erections and maintaining your length.

Dr. Gittens utilizes a number of therapies to maximize the potential for obtaining satisfactory erections. As you go through the program you will continue to be under the care of your urologist or oncologist, who will follow your cancer treatment needs but Dr. Gittens will take command of your sexual function. 

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