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Male Sexual Dysfunction

We are experts at treating all forms of male sexual dysfunction from premature ejaculation to testicular pain and Peyronie's Disease. We also focus on getting men with erectile dysfunction their natural erections back.

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Testicular Implants

What is a Testis Prosthesis, Prosthetic Testicle or Testicular Implant?

The testicular implant is a solution for many males that were born without a testicle or had them surgically removed. The implants are available in variety of sizes and males of almost any age can receive implants, including children.

The testicular implant has demonstrated a high level of satisfaction and has been shown to provide a significant improvement in self-esteem and self- image. The implant does not function as a normal testicle, thus it will not make sperm or testosterone.

Dr. Gittens is one of a select few urologists specially trained in the surgical implantation of testicular implants. If you feel you're a candidate for this procedure. Request your consultation today.

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