Testicular Pain

Have you seen several urologist and been placed on antibiotics time after time?  Around 100,000 men live with chronic testicular pain in the United States. This can be an agonizingly difficult condition to live with. Dr. Gittens has a spectacular track record in caring for these patients.

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We offer treatments that are most often effective and can help treat your pain. One of the most difficult aspects for men with testicular pain is that many physicians have trouble believing their patients are suffering from true pain.  Many men have seen their primary care physician and seen a urologist and have been placed on weeks to months of antibiotics.  These men may also leave their physicians with nothing more than a referral for counseling rather than a true solution. Dr. Gittens takes testicular pain seriously, as he's well aware that not only is this condition not rare, it can be debilitating physically, and emotionally.

Causes of Testicular Pain

Dr. Gittens prides himself on providing effective treatment for testicular and groin pain. With success rates greater than 80%, Dr. Gittens has become a leader in treating men with testicular pain.

The pain can be caused by a variety of reasons, which include groin surgery (i.e., inguinal hernia repair, varicocele surgery), testicular surgery (i.e. vasectomy), infection and causes that are unknown. Regardless of the reason the pain is theorized to be secondary to swelling and irritation of the nerves to this area. This causes higher levels of pain signals to the groin and the testicle resulting in groin and/or testicular pain.  

Treatment options for Testicular Pain?

At the Philadelphia Center for Sexual Medicine and New York Center for Sexual Medicine we realize that everyone that has testicular or groin pain is not the same. We provide non surgical and surgical alternatives.  Dr. Gittens will decide the most effective treatment for you.

Types of treatment may include physical therapy, oral therapy, injectable agents, nerve blocking agents, acoustic wave stimulation, and a possible microsurgical spermatic cord denervation.

Dr. Gittens is fellowship trained in microscopic surgeon. He performs a procedure that specifically targets the nerves causing pain in the groin or testicle. This procedure is called a microsurgical denervation of the spermatic cord. This requires no overnight stay in the hospital has minimal risk and can have up to an 80% success rate on the correct patient.

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