As health-care deductibles have skyrocketed over the past several years, more and more patients are seeing less coverage when they visit a specialist.

Rockwell Centers for Sexual Medicine and Wellness is an out of network provider and does not participate with Medicare assignment. All fees are required at the time of service. We do, however, provide you with a receipts for your visits and a super bill on request.  You may be reimbursed for your visit at RCSM and Wellness by your insurance under the terms of your particular plan.

Due to high deductible plans most patients find it financially beneficial to see a specialist without a referral and the embarrassment of speaking with their primary care doctor. Rockwell Centers for Sexual Medicine and Wellness fees are competitive with other specialists in the area, especially when considering the time, access, attention and expertise that our office provides

Freedom from the insurance model affords us the freedom to treat you the way you want to be treated. Less wait time, ease of scheduling follow up appointments and we are able to solve your problem in half the time of other offices. For example, we spend an hour or more with patients during initial consultations: we focus on patient education, we conduct detailed medical history reviews, targeted exams, and review treatment options that will match with your needs and lifestyle. Best of all we offer the most advanced treatments that are not offered in other practices.

If you require labs, those can be submitted through your insurance company.

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