Our Mission is to be the leader in men’s and women’s sexual health and wellness by providing an unparalleled private-concierge service that is tailored to each of our client’s needs.

Our approach

Centers for Sexual Medicine in Philadelphia and New York are dedicated only to sexual health and wellness. That is our passion. We have one of the countries leaders in sexual dysfunction, a trained urologist, fellowship in sexual medicine and clinical associate professor in Urology and Ob-Gyn.

Visits to your general physician, local urologist or obstetrician are often cold and impersonal. Often times you have to wait more than an hour to see your physician. Also appointment times and follow ups are spaced so they can see the maximum amount of people in the smallest amount of time. This is not the Centers for Sexual Medicine approach. Our top concern? Your comfort, privacy and improving your problem in the shortest amount of time. We will diligently take the time to understand your history, your needs and concerns, with empathy and discretion. Our personalized treatment caters to your lifestyle.

State Of the Art Therapies

Centers for Sexual Medicine provides state of the art therapies in sexual health and wellness. We make sure to use the most advanced therapies in the world.

Our Physician

Dr. Gittens focuses on sexual medicine. Click on the “About” section of websites of other physician practices. You should always explore who will be treating your problem. Dr. Gittens is not only compassionate and understanding but he is one of the leaders in sexual health and wellness in the country. He is a board certified urologist, that is fellowship trained in microsurgery and sexual health and he is also a Clinical Associate Professor of Urology and OB/GYN.

Dr. Gittens has been awarded Top Doctor by Philadelphia Magazine several years in a row. He is also a lecturer and researcher.

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