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Dr. Gittens is a leader in the field of the treatment for erectile dysfunction.  He is a urologist trained and specializing in the treatment  of erectile dysfunction. At our centers in Philadelphia and New York- Dr. Gittens believes in treating your erectile dysfunction quickly and privately. He attempts to get back your natural erections or take you a step up from where you are with our Regenerative E.D. programs by using the latests  and most advanced therapies.

How Are We Different

We listen to you. We understand the problems and frustrations you have had with your erectile function. We provide minimal wait times and easy to schedule appointments. We provide the most advanced treatments available. We are experts in the field.

Not all physicians or even urologists are the same. Dr. Gittens is a urologist that has fellowship training specifically to treat erectile dysfunction. He is noted as one of the leaders in sexual medicine in the county and has been elected Top Doctor several years in a row. We provide you with a private environment and time to discuss your problems in detail.

Dr. Gittens focuses on getting to the root cause of the problem and then working with you to create a treatment plan based on his findings. This is the only viable strategy for a comprehensive, long term solution to ED. Dr. Gittens spends significant time and effort to pinpoint the causes and will stick with you during treatment to ensure that your performance not only returns, but returns to the fullest potential possible.

Your Evaluation

During your evaluation, Dr. Gittens will perform a thorough health history and a targeted exam. ED can sometimes be a harbinger of an underlying issue such as diabetes or heart disease. He may also perform non invasive sensory testing which allows him to determine if your problem stems from a nerve issue. He also performs vascular testing to evaluate the blood flow that is entering and leaving your penis. This allows him to inform you if the problem is a blood flow issue.


Dr. Gittens is a leading expert in treating erectile dysfunction. He is board certified and fellowship trained in sexual dysfunction and recognized by the American Academy of Surgeons.

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Treatment Options for Erectile dysfunction (ED)

At our centers we have a multi-dimensional approach to your ED. We will identify risk factors that may be the cause of your erectile difficulties. Depending on your individual problem, we will recommend a treatment plan that may contain lifestyle modifications, medication alterations, erectile function medications and possible hormonal manipulation.

COREWAVE ™ Therapy

COREWAVE ™ Therapy uses acoustic waves to stimulate the growth of new blood vessels and improve nitric oxide formation leading to a more natural and improved erection. Learn more about COREWAVE ™ Therapy. *

Oral Therapy for Erectile dysfunction (ED)

There are four oral medications that are FDA approved for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. These classes of medications are called phosphodiesterase inhibitors (PDE5).

Intraurethral Medication for ED

Another alternative for erectile dysfunction are medicated urethral suppositories, also known as MUSE. This is administered directly into the penile urethra through a specialized applicator system and is then absorbed directly into the penis. After using MUSE, erection can occur within ten minutes.

Vacuum Erection Device for ED

The vacuum erection device works by placing a cylinder over the penis and applying negative (vacuum) pressure. After the penis becomes engorged with blood, an erection is formed. A band is then placed at the base of the penis and the cylinder is removed to have intercourse.

How does Botox® work for Erectile Dysfunction?

The penis at default is in a contracted state, it is not until a man is stimulated where the penis becomes relaxed and erect.  Botox allows the muscles in the penis to become relaxed thus increases the velocity of blood flow to erection providing a more efficient and possible sustainable erection.**.

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Ask about our P Shot therapies  ***

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Intracavernosal Injections

Penile injections are an effective solution for treating erectile dysfunction. By using a combination of medications directly placed into the penis, a sustainable erection can be achieved. The medications Dr. Gittens uses are tailored to the individual patient’s erectile needs.


*Corewave Therapy is not FDA approved for erectile dysfunction and is used off label

**Botox is not FDA approved for erectile dysfunction and  is used off label . 

*** The Pshot is not FDA approved for erectile dysfunction and is used off label.

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