Peyronie’s Disease Treatment

Dr. Gittens takes an integrated approach to the treatment of Peyronie’s Disease. He uses the combination of injection therapy, platelet rich plasma, low intensity shock wave, oral medications, and penile relaxation-stretching techniques to help straighten your penis. Rockwell Centers for Sexual Medicine and Wellness is a certified facility in using Xiaflex. Xiaflex has been proven to be effective in the treatment of reducing or curing the curve associated with Peyronie’s Disease.

Treatments for Peyronie’s disease differ depending on the severity of the curvature and the presence of erectile dysfunction. Dr. Gittens will discuss all treatment options with you along with the risks and benefits of each therapy.

Peyronie’s Disease

Dr. Gittens is a urologist with specific training in sexual medicine and has successfully treated hundreds of men with challenging cases of Peyronie’s Disease.

Centers for Sexual Medicine is a place where men with conditions such as Peyronie’s Disease can come to get the time and expertise they need in an environment that prioritizes privacy and discretion.

What is Peyronie’s Disease?

Peyronie’s disease is characterized as a curve or bend in the penis. The condition is thought to be caused by abnormal scarring or plaque development in the penis. We know that Peyronie’s disease can be devastating to many men. It can lead to feelings of self-consciousness, erectile dysfunction and may cause pain during intercourse.

Peyronie’s disease was first described in the 13th century. The hallmark of the disease is a plaque development (area of hardness) in the outer portion of the penis under the skin leading to curvature (bending). The disease is thought to occur from abnormal healing of the penis. Peyronie’s disease can present with mild to severe curvature and pain. In severe cases, the curvature of the penis may lead to inability or difficulty with penetration during intercourse and erectile dysfunction.

Goals for the Treatment of Peyronie’s Disease

Our goals of treatment are to:

  • Decrease any associated pain
  • Provide improvement or stabilization of the curvature
  • Prevention of the progression of the curvature

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