Low Testosterone & Hormone Optimization

Experience the difference at Rockwell Centers for Sexual Medicine & Wellness, where our physician-monitored programs unveil extraordinary results while ensuring your safety and multiple treatment options. Say goodbye to fatigue, erectile problems, and diminished sexual desire. If you suspect low testosterone levels, we have the solution. 


Personalized Treatment

Don’t settle for one line centers or  drive-in clinics  who lack expertise. At our center, we believe low testosterone is a complex issue that warrants personalized care and an exhaustive workup. You deserve a physician specialized in sexual medicine and hormone replacement—a professional who dedicates time to uncover the root cause of your testosterone deficiency. Rest assured, we’ll design a tailor-made plan that harmonizes with your lifestyle, prioritizing your safety above all.


Dr. Gittens and his team: Your Low T Experts

Experience superior Low T treatment guided by Dr. Paul Gittens, MD, FACS, a recognized authority in men’s health. With a decade-long practice, Dr. Gittens has expertly assisted hundreds of patients overcome sexual health issues. He embodies dedication, offering a holistic treatment approach and vigilant monitoring to optimize therapeutic benefits.


Dr. Gittens, a board-certified urologist with a fellowship in sexual health, is a decorated figure in his field, frequently recognized as a Top Doctor and lauded for his research and lecturing. His trusted reputation and unparalleled expertise make him a leading figure in Low T treatment.


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Understanding Low Testosterone Diagnosis

Unveiling the full picture of low testosterone goes beyond a mere testosterone level reading at your general practitioner’s office. Finding a physician with the expertise to accurately diagnose and safely manage low testosterone is crucial. Rest easy knowing that our professionals possess the necessary knowledge and skills to guide you towards effective and secure treatment.

Beyond Testosterone: Expanding Your Options

Testosterone may not be your sole solution. At Rockwell Centers for Sexual Medicine & Wellness, we employ a range of hormonal therapies and peptides  to help you achieve your goals. From testosterone stimulators to selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs), estrogen blockers to growth hormone stimulators, peptides, and beyond—we have the tools to tailor your treatment to your specific needs.

Confronting Low T After Steroid Use

Anabolic steroid abuse is common in a number of men who want to improve their appearance. Many of the steroids are bought in the black market and the doses maybe unsafe.  The consequences range from cardiovascular disease and renal problems to male infertility and liver dysfunction, high cholesterol and abnormal high hormonal levels. Let us guide you towards recovery and reclaim your hormonal health back .

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Low T Client Success Stories

“I’d been struggling with low energy and decreased libido for years, but my GP just dismissed it as a normal part of aging. Dr. Gittens was the first doctor who took my concerns seriously and listened to me. He worked with me to develop a treatment plan that has made a world of difference in my quality of life.” – Paul P.


“As a busy professional, I was hesitant to take time off work to address my low testosterone., but I was tired all day and my libido was down.  They made the process easy. ‘I’m grateful for his expertise and highly recommend him to anyone in need of hormone optimization.” – Donald G.

“After years of feeling fatigued and uninterested in sex, I finally found relief. His approach has helped me feel like myself again.” – Shawn R.


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Discover Rockwell Centers for Sexual Medicine & Wellness

At Rockwell Centers for Sexual Medicine & Wellness, we provide comprehensive and innovative sexual health services. Founded by Dr. Paul Gittens, a renowned urologist and sexual health specialist, we address a broad range of sexual health issues in men and women. Our globally recognized therapies aim to efficiently improve your sexual health and wellness.

Our mission is to set exceptional standards in sexual health, accomplished through customized private-concierge services. Unlike the often-impersonal experiences at general healthcare establishments, we prioritize warm, personalized care. Your comfort, privacy, and prompt health improvement are our utmost concerns at Rockwell.

As a dedicated center for sexual health and wellness, we are leaders in our field. You can expect the most advanced treatments, ensuring outstanding care in each interaction.

Our Multiple Locations

We provide Low testosterone treament in Philadelphia, the Lehigh Valley and New York.  

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Don’t let low testosterone levels hold you back. Our personalized, physician-monitored treatment programs can help you regain your energy, improve your sexual desire, and enhance your overall quality of life. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Paul Gittens or his staff today and take the first step towards better hormonal health.

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