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Are you seeking an innovative solution for erectile dysfunction and enhanced sexual health? Discover the possibilities of Botulinum Toxin (Botox) treatment at Rockwell Centers for Sexual Medicine & Wellness, led by the nation’s leading expert, Dr. Paul Gittens.

*BoNT is not FDA approved for any urological condition and are used off label. Most studies in these areas are small in number, nevertheless BoNT has shown promise in urology and  sexual medicine.

Dr. Gittens – Botox for ED Specialist

Dr. Paul Gittens, a renowned urologist and sexual medicine expert, brings over 500 successful Botox treatments to his experience, ensuring that you receive the highest level of care and expertise. 

What is Botulinum Toxin for ED and Sexual Health?

Botulinum toxins come in a variety of different brands and each have several different indications. Botulinum neurotoxin  (BoNT), are recognized therapeutic agents used for a number of medical conditions such has reducing fine lines and wrinkles,  migraines, strabismus (crossed eyes) and spasms.  It has also been used for cosmetic purposes to reduce wrinkles.   BoNT works by blocking  the signal of how nerves communicate with its neighboring muscle resulting in paralysis.

How does Botox work for erectile dysfunction?

Botox is available to treat erectile dysfunction in Philadelphia, New York City and the Lehigh Valley.  The penis at default is in a contracted state, it is not until a man is stimulated  where the penis becomes relaxed and erect.  Botox  intervenes in the process and allows the muscles in the penis to become more relaxed thus facilitating improved  blood flow and a more efficient, sustainable erection.*

Scientific Support for Botox in Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Several studies have demonstrated that administering Botulinum Toxin directly into the penis can provide a success rate of over 50% in achieving an erection for men with severe erectile dysfunction. Additionally, milder cases of erectile dysfunction tend to respond even more positively to this treatment.

No Downtime, Quick Results after Botox for ED 

One of the advantages of Botox for ED is that there is no downtime.  Men can engage in physical activity after the Botulinum toxin as been administered.  We do recommend no intercourse for 24 hours.

When will I notice a difference after Botox is used for erectile dysfunction?

Most patients after obtaining Botox will notice a difference after about two weeks. In addition, men may also notice more a more relaxed and elongated flaccid penis.

Is Botox for ED the correct treatment for me ?

Rockwell Centers for Sexual Medicine does a full evaluation to understand if Botox will be the right choice for you.  Our world renowned director, urologist and sexual medicine specialist has treated over 500 men with Botox and has plenty of experience on what patients will benefit and by how much.  Botox may need to be used in conjunction with other therapies to show maximum efficacy.

Benefits of Botox for ED:

  • May enable sexual activity without additional therapies
  • Botox can be used in conjunction with other ED therapies
  • Botox can last for several months
  • Quick and virtually painless procedure
  • Enhance spontaneity with sex


Exploring Other Applications of Botox for Sexual Health and Urology 

In addition to treating erectile dysfunction, Botulinum Toxin shows promise in addressing various other sexual health concerns:

Hard Flaccid Treatment

We understand and have treatments available for hard flaccid in Philadelphia, New York City (Manhattan) and the Lehigh Valley.  The causes of hard flaccid syndrome is unknown but it can be due to trauma,  pelvic floor dysfunction, excess adrenaline, dysregulation of neurotransmitters or hormones.  Treatment with a BoNT may help but a combined approach medical and physical therapy approach is also useful.

Scrotal Tightness

Scrotal retraction or bunching can cause testicular pain and discomfort or an unwanted aesthetic appearance. BoNT can work by relaxing the main muscle in the scrotum (dartos muscle)  and giving a more relaxed and smooth appearance. *

Penis Shrinkage

Penis shrinkage can be due to a retraction reflex in the muscle of the penis.  It can occur for a variety of reasons.  BoNT works by relaxing the muscles that cause the penis to retract giving it a more relaxed and larger appearance.*

Testicular Pain

While testicular pain can arise from various factors, BoNT can alleviate discomfort in select conditions. *

Our Multiple Locations

Our dedicated services are available at multiple locations for your convenience. You can experience personalized care and expert guidance in treating erectile dysfunction, hard flaccid, scrotal tightness, pelvic floor dysfunction, scrotal tightness, penis shrinkage and testicular pain with Botox in Philadelphia, the Lehigh Valley, and New York City (Manhattan).


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*BoNT is not FDA approved for any urological condition and are used off label. Most studies in these areas are small in number, nevertheless BoNT has shown promise in urology and  sexual medicine.  

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