At Rockwell Centers, we understand that many men dream of enhancing their penile girth. Our non-invasive procedure, performed in our office with minimal downtime, can help you achieve your goals comfortably and confidentially.

Experienced “Penile Girth Enhancement Specialist”

Dr. Gittens is a seasoned expert in penile girth enhancement (penis enlargement), with nearly a decade of experience in performing these procedures. He performs girth enhancement procedures in Philadelphia, New York and Lehigh Valley.  Trained by one of the world’s leading authorities on soft tissue penile fillers, he brings a wealth of expertise to the table. As a urologist, Dr. Gittens has an in-depth understanding of penile anatomy and can guide you through the entire process of your girth enhancement procedure

What man doesn’t want more girth?

  • The Girth Plus procedure is a safe and effective way to enhance your penile look and feel. Girth Plus is a male enhancement procedure which uses soft tissue fillers to increase the circumference of your penis. Allowing you to have a thicker and more desirable look and feel
  • Girth Plus is minimally invasive and performed in an office setting with minimal pain or discomfort.
  • Girth Plus uses no grafts and no large surgical incision.

Why Girth Plus for penis enlargement?

  • Girth Plus uses hyaluronic acid filler which is commonly used for the face but is placed in the area of skin surrounding the penis. Commonly used filler is Voluma, Versa or Juvederm. After the molecules are implanted they become embedded by collagen to aide with the penile enhancement. HA is absorbable and can be reversed if needed.

Girth Plus Highlights:

  • No grafts
  • No large surgical incisions

What to expect during my penile girth enhancement procedure

The enlargement procedure is performed under topical and local anesthesia and takes about 30 minutes.  Dr. Gittens uses microcannulas during his procedure.  Microcannulas offer enhanced safety and less bruising  than the use of  needles. While some post-procedure swelling may occur, it will resolve in due course.


Cost of Girth Plus Procedure

200 dollar consultation fee which goes towards the procedure

4800 for the first 5 syringes

800 per syringe thereafter


Other enhancing procedures

Platelets are your bodies healing cells, this is not a filler. Platelets stimulates growth factors which are stimulatory signals that help with healing and regeneration of tissues.

Who are good candidates for the Girth Plus Procedure

  • Psychologically stable
  • Circumcised men
  • Lean individuals with normal fat pad
  • Men who want to increase their penis girth (circumference)


Real Patient Testimonials

“The idea of penis enhancement had crossed my mind for a while, but I had concerns about safety and effectiveness. Dr. Gittens’ expertise reassured me. The Girth Plus procedure exceeded my expectations, and I now enjoy newfound confidence and satisfaction.” – David G.

Our Multiple Locations

We can assist you with your penile enlargement (girth enhancement) in Philadelphia, the Lehigh Valley, and New York City.

Don’t let your desire for a larger penis hold you back. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Gittens and his team today and take the first step toward achieving your desired size and newfound confidence.


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