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As women we also deserve our sexual health to be in tip top shape.  That includes the ability for our orgasms to be pleasurable and consistent. Femtenisty™ is the latest advancement in female sexual wellness.

Who Is A Candidate for Femtenisty™ ?

Femtenisty™ is for women who have the desire to enhance their sexual satisfaction, arousal and to increase the intensity and consistency of their orgasm.

How Does Femtenisty™ Work?

Femtenisty™ uses low intensity sound wave technology.  The sound waves when administered to the vagina and clitoris have been found to increase blood flow, and is thought to  enhance nerve sensitivity and improve sensation.

How it intensifies

Low intensity sound waves have been used in many areas of medicine including the treatment of erectile dysfunction and injuries to muscles and ligaments.  It is thought to increase nitric oxide, a necessary element of sexual function and also improve growth factors which result in improving blood flow  to the clitoris and vagina (aka neovascularization).  Also in studies looking at low intensity wave technology have also been found to increase stem cell formation.

How is Femtenisty™ Administered?

Femtenisty™  is a gentle procedure.  There are no internal probes, no incisions or injections.  The treatment is performed externally and takes about 20-30  minutes.

Is Femtenisty™  Painful?

There is virtually no discomfort after having Femtenisty™  You will feel a vibration during the treatment  and it takes about 20 minutes for a treatment.


Is there a downtime after Femtenisty™?

There is no downtime.  After having  Femtenisty™ you can go directly back to work. you can go to the gym or even have intercourse that evening.


How long does it take Femtenisty™ to work ?

Every patient is different.   Most women may take  2-3 weeks after your last treatment to feel an affect from the procedure.


Is FemtenistyFDA approved?

No.  Like many procedures in sexual wellness Femtenisty™ is not FDA approved.  It is being used off-label.


Why is our center right for you?

Dr. Gittens is a board certified urologist and clinical associate professor in obstetrics and gynecology. Dr. Gittens realizes that sexual function is complex, and women may have an assortment of problems such as pain with intercourse, low libido, vaginal dryness, and problems achieving orgasm. Dr. Gittens treats multiple problems in his female sexual wellness practice, often with treatments unavailable from your conventional OBGYN.



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