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Embarking on a vasectomy reversal is a deeply personal journey, one that we understand at the Rockwell Centers for Sexual Medicine & Wellness. Your choice of surgeon is crucial, and in Dr. Paul Gittens, you’ll find more than just a skilled surgeon; he’s a distinguished microsurgeon and a board-certified urologist, specializing in vasectomy reversals. His dedication and expertise have resulted in numerous successful vasectomy reversals, cementing his remarkable track record.

Dr. Paul Gittens – Vasectomy Reversal Specialist

Dr. Gittens ensures that your vasectomy reversal is a procedure of utmost precision and care.  Success rates for a vasectomy reversal start with an exceptional surgeon. Every vasectomy reversal surgeon is not the same. There are physicians who may offer a lower price to perform the procedure in their office, offer bargain prices and use subpar material and staffing for the procedure.

Dr. Gittens is a fellowship trained microsurgeon and board certified urologist who was specifically trained to perform your vasectomy reversal. We operate in one of the leading hospital systems in the region providing excellent care. We specialize in vasectomy reversals with up t0 ninety-five percent of our patients having sperm when they ejaculate during their first semen analysis.

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Microscopic Vasectomy Reversal

Vasectomy reversal refers to two possible procedures: Vasovasostomy, and the more technically advanced, Vasoepididymostomy.


The vasovasostomy is performed under an operating microscope. Dr. Gittens places small sutures in the inner portion of the vas deferens bringing the inner tubing back together.


Reserved for cases where vasovasostomy is unlikely to succeed, the vasoepididymostomy is a technically advanced procedure requiring a high level of expertise. Dr. Gittens and his team, are uniquely qualified for this procedure, make the decision based on the presence of occluded tubules (epididymis) exiting the testicle. If occlusion is present, he will locate a suitable tubule segment before the occlusion and connect the vas deferens to that segment.

Vasectomy Reversal Success Stories

Hear from patients who entrusted Dr. Gittens and his team with their vasectomy reversals:

“After years of regretting my vasectomy, I finally decided to explore a reversal. Dr. Gittens and his team made it possible, and I’m now on the journey to expanding my family once more. Thank you for giving me a second chance.” – Robert H.

“I remarried and I was looking for a vasectomy reversal doctor.  I had consultations with a variety of doctors and I settled on Dr. Gittens. It is one year later and my new bride is pregnant. Thanks Dr. G ” – Michael R.

Our Multiple Locations

Our dedicated consultative services are available at multiple locations for your convenience and on line.  All surgeries are performed in Pennsylvania.  You can experience personalized care and expert guidance from Dr. Paul Gittens and his team. 

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