Low Intensity Shockwave Therapy Helps Erectile Dysfunction

How do men Improve their Erectile Dysfunction?

Many men are interested in not just treating their erectile dysfunction but “restoring” the ability to have an erection. This could mean that if a man is taking Viagra or Cialis and it is not effective, “restorative” therapy may turn back the clock and allow these medications to work.  The ability to reverse erectile dysfunction can be possible with Corewave®  Therapy.


Types of Low Intensity Shockwave for Erectile Dysfunction 

Low intensity shockwave therapy has shown to be effective in improving men that have erectile dysfunction.  Not all shockwave therapies are the same. In general, there are two types of shockwave therapies;  acoustic radial wave therapy and focused low intensity shock wave therapy.  Focused low intensity shockwave therapy has a higher peak point of energy than the flatter low amplitude radial wave.  The Pheonix which is a hand held wave device has an even lower amplitude wave.  Is it thought that this higher peak wave of the focused low intensity shockwave provides the optimum energy needed to stimulate the penile tissue and initiate a “restorative”  or “regenerative” affect.  The proposed mechanism of how focused low intensity shockwave therapy works is by stimulating nitric oxide, producing growth factors that help to increase blood flow to the penis and the possible induction of stem cells in the penis. Focused low intensity shockwave therapy has proven to be more effective in the majority of studies when compared to radial wave therapy. 


What makes Corewave® Therapy unique from other shockwave groups?

Corewave®  Therapy uses focused low intensity shockwave therapy.  The advantages of Corewave®  Therapy are that all of Corewave®  providers are urologists or sexual medicine specialists.  Many men prefer urologists because they are specifically trained in men’s health and are experts in benign and cancerous disease that afflict men.  Corewave®  Therapy also has a unique “patented” protocol using focused low intensity shockwave. The protocol has been specifically tailored and proven to be efficacious in men with varying degrees of erectile dysfunction.   Corewave® providers are nationwide and are located on the east coast in Philadelphia Pennsylvania ,  Lehigh Valley (Allentown Pennsylvania),  Manhattan New York, and  Connecticut.


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