A New Solution For Men with Problems of Erectile Dysfunction

A no medication or surgical option to get you back on track to a healthy and satisfying sex life. 

Surgery and Medication Free Solution 

COREWAVE™ Therapy is a new and exciting solution that can lead to a more healthier, stronger and satisfying erection.  COREWAVE™ Therapy works by focusing wave energy painlessly to your penis. This then stimulates growth factors which helps to make new blood vessels that bring more blood to your erection leading to lasting results.  

COREWAVE™ Therapy is a simple in office procedure and it does not require surgery or medication. It is a safe natural way to restore your erections. 

How does it work?

COREWAVE™ Therapy Success Stories

  • M.W. from Westchester. PA

    "I could not be happier with my treatment."

    M.W. from Westchester. PA

  • S.T. from Williamsburg, NY

    "Having erection problems at such a young age was a problem for me. My wife was supportive but I felt inadequate. After the wave therapy I was able to get my erections back without the use of medications."

    S.T. from Williamsburg, NY

  • W.M. from Manhattan, NY

    "I was skeptical about the COREWAVE™ Therapy prior to getting treated. I am a firm believer now.  I wake up with erections and I am able to have sex again without using pills."

    W.M. from Manhattan, NY

  • R.G. from Manhattan NY

    "I'd previously failed numerous treatments - including oral medications - and I am relieved to have someone in my corner that is using the most modern treatments."

    R.G. from Manhattan, NY

  • J.P. from Philadelphia, PA

    "I have my erections back. If I could drop the mic I would (joking). I am happy and my girl is also happy. I can't say enough how the therapy saved my relationship and gave me more confidence."

    J.P. from Philadelphia, PA

  • My erections are stronger now.

    Before I underwent COREWAVE™ Therapy my erections were good enough for intercourse but they were not as strong as they used to be. After the treatments my erections were much improved and it was also more sensitive.

    S.C from Cherry Hill NJ

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Other Wave Therapies
All treatments are overseen by urologist or sexual medicine physician

Pain-free treatment*

Corewave settings and protocol designed by expert erectile dysfunction physician

Works on almost an degree of ED*

Regain effective erections*

Results may vary

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