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How Can I Improve My Sperm Count?

1. Use your computer on your desk, not on your lap. Placing a computer on your lap for long periods of time can lower sperm counts.

2. Roast walnuts on an open fire instead of chestnuts. Walnuts can improve certain parameters in sperm counts.

3. Wear boxers instead of briefs. Since your testes need to be cool, it is a good idea to let the boys jingle a little.

4. The chimney should be the only thing smoking. Smoking causes sperm to swim less effectively.

5. Call the drumstick. Dark meat is high in zinc, a nutrient needed for the production of healthy sperm.

Dr. Gittens is the director of the Philadelphia Center for Sexual Medicine and is an expert in treating men who are having difficulty conceiving or who have low to zero sperm counts.. He is board certified and fellowship trained in sexual dysfunction and recognized by the American Academy of Surgeons.