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Dr. Gittens and his center Philadelphia Center for Sexual Medicine lead the way in the diagnosis and treatment of male and female sexual medicine and hormone replacement therapy. Learn more about visiting the Center.

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Preparing for Your Visit

Many people are apprehensive about visiting a sexual medicine doctor. The subject matter can be embarrassing or difficult to chat about. We created PCSM to be private and discreet; and our disarming staff is composed of warm, compassionate people that only want the best for our patients. 

Please arrive at your consultation with some thoughts about your condition and some examples of how and when it has affected you the most. We'd love for you to bring your partner along as well. Many times a partner will have a different perspective which can be quite valuable to the diagnostic process.

Lastly, come enthusiastic! We're proud of our success rate at overcoming issues such as sexual dysfunction, or infertility. You're taking a first step in a journey to better sexual health and well-being.

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Insurance Policy

Are you tired of seeing physicians that may speak with you for five minutes, rush through your problems or do not have the expertise to understand your issues.

At our center you will be taken seriously, treated with exceptional customer service, be given the most advanced treatment available by one of the most respected and knowledgeable sexual medicine and hormone replacement physicians in the country.

The Philadelphia Center for Sexual Medicine is out of network with insurance carriers. We have also opted out of Medicare.  We do, however, file claims on your behalf and often insurance carriers will provide you with some form of reimbursement depending on your plan. If you require labs, those will likely be covered by most insurance plans.

Many of our patients are seeing less and less coverage when they visit a specialist, due to the skyrocketing cost and deductibles that could never get meet. Dr. Gittens fees are competitive, especially when considering the time, access, attention and expertise that Dr. Gittens affords all of his patients.



Visiting the Center

Dr. Gittens heads the leading center for treatment of male and female sexual medical conditions. We pride ourselves on taking the time to treat each patient individually, with compassion and discretion.

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Meet Dr. Gittens

Dr. Gittens is a leading expert in sexual medicine. As a board certified urologist — fellowship trained in sexual medicine and microsurgery — he is uniquely qualified to treat both men and women.

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Many find it difficult to visit a doctor for sexual medicine. We created PCSM & NYCSM to be private and discreet; and our staff is composed of compassionate people that only want the best for our patients.

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Gittens Sexual Health Blog

Stay up-to-date with Dr. Gittens Sexual Health Blog for all that's going on at the Center for Sexual Medicine and in the fields of fertility, hormone therapy and sexual medicine at large.

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