What Is Post-Finasteride Syndrome?

Trying to fight hair loss could lead to a long-term sided effects and Post-Finasteride Syndrome (PFS)? PFS is a group of symptoms that many believe is caused by the medication finasteride. Symptoms of PFS can be recurring mental, sexual or physical reaction to a type of medication called finasteride. Finasteride can be found in Propecia and Proscar, two drugs that are intended to help with hair loss and enlarged prostates. If you ever had issues with hair loss or your prostate and developed problems after taking these drugs, then you may be experiencing post-finasteride syndrome

Our doctors at Centers for Sexual Medicine have seen many men come into our office with Post-Finasteride Syndrome symptoms and understand what you may be experiencing.

What are the symptoms of post-finasteride syndrome?

There are a wide-ranging set of complications brought on by post-finasteride syndrome. A majority of men with PFS have experienced erectile dysfunction and a reduced sperm count. In a recent 2017 PeerJ study, men who took finasteride for close to a year experienced an increase in negative symptoms due to the drug as well as sexual complications that lasted for over four years after quitting the drug. According to the World Health Organization’s database of adverse drug reactions, there have been more than 5,500 cases of reproductive disorders some of these are sexual dysfunction , ejaculation problems and penis disorders. PFS has also been linked to an increase in anxiety and depression with symptoms developing in less than a month.

How many people have PFS?

Propecia is one of the leading hair loss drugs on the market, and about 1.4% of its users have experienced long-term sexual complications. These men may have more of a septibility to the side effects of propecia than other men that have taken the medication. In some cases, PFS has also been known to affect women, despite a majority of reported cases being from men.

The impact of PFS

The effort to find a solution for PFS has been made more difficult due to the fact that some medical professionals do not acknowledge that PFS exists. There’s an inherent danger to overlooking the effects of PFS. The issue lies less in the sexual complications (which are more widely reported) and more in the mental/psychological complications. 60% of men in their 60’s will encounter erectile dysfunction in their lifetime, which can often be managed with a healthier lifestyle or specific medications. However, the reported cases of anxiety and depression that PFS caused men and women is particularly concerning, and can affect not just the mind but the entire body. While not everyone that uses products such as Propecia or Proscar have developed PFS, it remains a concerning issue and can prove complicated for those suffering from PFS for years. It’s important to consider more natural options to hair loss and to talk to your doctor about treating any prostate issues in a healthy manner.

If you are experiencing symptoms of Post-finasteride Syndrome, our experts are here for you. We have seen many individuals experiencing what you are going through and have the knowledge necessary to help you live your best life possible. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more and set up an appointment. Be sure to check out our blog to educate yourself on our services and sexual health issues faced by both men and women.

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