5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Fertility – Male Infertility

With just a few easy changes and some knowledge, it is possible to elevate your fertility.

For any couple patiently awaiting the results of a pregnancy test, seconds can feel like hours and suspense grows with every breath. Some couples will celebrate the thought that they are going to be parents in the future when a small plus appears, while others question what must should be done when the result is a negative.

In the United States, 6.1 million couples are impacted by infertility, which translates to up to 10%-15 of American couples that are of childbearing age. These statistics may seem startling, however, good news exists. With lifestyle changes, some inside knowledge from a specialist, and treatments, pregnancy can still happen and your desire of starting a family can become a reality. When it comes to male infertility it accounts for about 50% of the reasons why couples have trouble starting a family.

To improve your overall well-being and boost your fertility, Dr. Gittens at Centers for Sexual Medicine in Philadelphia and New York has created a list of these useful tips that will bring you closer to turning that negative on a pregnancy test into a positive.

Work around the ovulation cycle

While ovulating, the odds of your partner becoming pregnant are much greater. This twelve to twenty-four-hour window can happen anywhere from 12 to 14 days before a period begins. Sperm can live in a uterus for three to five days, so additional sex before an ovulation can assist in this process. When couples are attempting to start a family we recommend sexual intercourse every other day around the time of ovulation.

Kick the smoking habit

When it comes to smoking, it is impossible to speak about the benefits. From causing cancer to allowing harmful chemicals to enter your body, both men and women should completely stay away from cigarettes. If you and your partner are both active smokers, you can both quit together and bond over turning a new page. Cutting out smoking will increase your chances of a pregnancy and also by cutting out smoking you will be healthier in the long-term. You will maximize the opportunity to see your child grow up if you stay away from cigarettes.

Maintain a healthy weight and diet

After a long day, many of us will let down our guards and will venture out for an unhealthy meal. Some head out to their local pizza parlor while others opt for a greasy cheeseburger and fries. As you age, these calories can have many negative impacts on your body. The next time you are in this position, steer away from both of these options and go for a healthy salad with a protein such as chicken or tuna. By eating food loaded with vitamins and nutrients and working out, your body will reward you by looking good and elevating the chances of a pregnancy.

Stay away from stress

Not so shocking, stress is bad for our bodies. The negative consequences of stress are even more of an issue if you are trying to become pregnant. For many women, it is common to wonder why they aren’t getting pregnant immediately and feel stressed while they are in the process of trying. Next time you feel stressed, take a deep breath, separate yourself from what is stressing you out, and enter a place of relaxation. Some activities that are fantastic for reducing stress include walking, cooking, going out to eat, or even having a relaxing dinner at home. An additional activity that we believe is a great addition to your day is yoga, where you will have the opportunity to channel your energy into a positive place and relax your mind. Once you enter a mindset of peace and tranquility, your odds of pregnancy are increased.

See an expert

To save you the worry of wondering what is going wrong, seek out advice from a trustworthy professional. For men, a fellowship trained urologist in male infertility.

Evaluating the male is easier, less invasive and more cost effective than initially evaluating the female. At Centers For Sexual Medicine we focus on male fertility problems.

Having a child is one of the most special moments of your life and nothing amazing comes without hard work. Even if these previous tasks may seem difficult to accomplish, put your best foot forward and know that anything is possible. For additional advice, our dedicated team of professionals are here!

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