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  • Tips to last longer in Bed

    For men, one of the most embarrassing things that can happen in the bedroom is premature ejaculation (PE) or rapid ejaculation. PE is generally when a man ejaculates within two minutes of engaging in sexual intercourse. When this happens, it can leave both parties extremely dissatisfied and specifically giving the male psychological troubles that can have lasting effects should this issue happen multiple times.

  • 5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Fertility

    With just a few easy changes and some knowledge, it is possible to elevate your fertility.

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    Is Sex Affected by Age?

    When you age and your body changes, it is common to wonder how your sex life will be altered with age. Will you still be interested in having sex? Will the sex continue to be as pleasurable as it was when you were younger?

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    Unspoken: Men and Infertility

    Male infertility is a crippling problem for men of a certain age and life stage: If you’re at peak procreation age and ready to start a family yet having difficulty conceiving,  your situation can by physically, emotionally and financially draining. Consider this: In just about half of cases, a couple’s infertility problem is due to the man, yet only 18 percent — just under a fifth — of men undergo any type of evaluation.  This may be  due to a  lack of understanding of the p...

  • 5 Things Men Can Do Today to Improve their Sex Lives — Today

    There are many ways men can improve their sex lives, and not all of them require a visit to the doctor’s office. Here’s a list of just five simple things men can do to fire up their time in the bedroom.1. Get Plenty of Exercise It sounds cliché, but that’s because it’s true.

  • Mona Lisa Touch Laser Therapy at the Philadelphia Center for Sexual Health

    Dr. Gittens is a former assistant professor in OBGYN and specializes in female sexual medicine. He is an expert in the treatment of menopause, and vaginal health after cancer treatment. Here, Dr. Gittens discusses the tremendous benefits of Mona Lisa Touch Therapy.

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    Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy: A New Way to Restore Sexual Function

    Men and women of all ages deserve the same thing: healthy, fulfilling sexual function that lasts a lifetime. Along the way, a variety of problems might of course crop up: erectile difficulties, trouble reaching orgasm, low libido and more. We’re proud to add platelet-rich plasma therapy, or PRP, to our arsenal of tools to help men and women overcome these issues.PRP is cutting-edge science, and the Philadelphia Center for Sexual Medicine is at its forefront.

  • Help Make Movember Last All Year Long

    It started more than a decade ago with a fairly goofy objective: Men who ordinarily went through the rest of the year clean-shaven would spend November getting fuzzy, at least above the upper lip. They’d take pledges from people willing to donate for the sheer novelty of it, and the money would go toward helping raise awareness of prostate cancer. The founders called it “Movember.” (They were Australian, see, and Down Under “Mo” is slang for “mustache.”)

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    Women need not give up their sex lives in exchange for successful cancer treatment

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and one aspect of the disease merits ever-greater awareness because it’s so commonly overlooked: sexual dysfunction after successful treatment. A major study recently published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that a startling 70 percent of breast-cancer survivors experienced difficulty having sex.Sexual problems, often an unwelcome companion to cancer treatment, are typically triggered more by the treatment — chemotherapy, radiation, medication, ...

  • 7 Rare But Real Men's Diseases

    Dr. Gittens interviewed by Everyday Health on Male Breast Cancer for the article 7 Rare But Real Men's Diseases: "As with women, a diagnosis can be done with a mammogram or sonogram," says Paul Gittens, MD, an assistant professor and the director of sexual dysfunction, male fertility, and andrology at Montefiore Medical Center and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City and director and founder of the Philadelphia Center for Sexual Medicine. "Men have a lifetime risk o...

  • Why You Can't Get a Hard On

    Dr Gittens is quoted in a recent's article, Why You can't get a Hard On. Money quote:Dr. Paul Gittens, a board certified urologist, sexual medicine expert, and director of Philadelphia Center for Sexual Medicine adds, “ED is a complex bag of worms, but people can try to decrease their risk, or at least stop the progression of it with diet and exercise, in addition to determining and eliminating their risk factors."Read on for the top ten reasons you can't get a hard on. ...

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    Flibanserin (the female Viagra): an Exciting New Treatment Option

    Flibanserin has finally been approved for women with several types of sexual dysfunction heralding in a real turning point for women. The specifically FDA approved Flibanserin for the treatment of many symptoms of female sexual dysfunction such as low libitdo and arousal disorder. We are thrilled to add this new medication to our arsenal of methods for helping women overcome sexual dysfunction.

  • Is ED a Symptom of Other Health Issues?

    When I’m asked, Doc, what are the symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED)? This is how I answer: Symptoms of ED can be crushing, squeezing chest pain and sweating and vomiting from what may feel like heartburn or indigestion. Other signs could be confusion, the inability to use one-half of your body or discomfort in the legs when walking. What I just described are the signs of a heart attack, stroke, and vascular disease.

  • How Can I Improve My Sperm Count?

    1. Use your computer on your desk, not on your lap. Placing a computer on your lap for long periods of time can lower sperm counts.2. Roast walnuts on an open fire instead of chestnuts. Walnuts can improve certain parameters in sperm counts.3. Wear boxers instead of briefs.

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