Tips for Having Healthy Sperm

You and your partner have decided the time is right to have a child. You’ve done all the research needed to prepare for this major life development but have neglected one thing, the health of your sperm. Men account for a little less than 50% of why couples have difficulty having a child. Without a healthy sperm count, getting pregnant will be difficult. Problems getting pregnant can become taxing on any relationship, causing partners to blame themselves or each other. At Centers for Sexual Medicine, we have seen many couples suffer the effects of lower sperm counts. Luckily, in many cases this is fixable. There are many ways to help a man increase his sperm count. Follow our guide to help.

Eat Healthy

The right food can improve or harm your overall sperm health. Foods rich in vitamin B, C, D, zinc, and many roots help produce better sperm counts. Diets with one or more of these may boost male fertility along with sperm count, volume, and health. Take some time to rework your diet and ensure that you are giving your body the best building blocks for sperm production.

Exercise Regularly 

Exercise can do more than keep your body healthy, it keeps sperm in top shape. Studies have found that men who spend more time exercising than watching TV have a noticeably higher sperm count. Exercise is a broad term so you need to find which physical activities are best for your sperm health. The two best types to increase fertility in men are cardio and weight lifting. Both activities have been shown to benefit sperm. Taking even just 20 minutes a day to engage in either of these exercises may lead to improve results.

Avoid Stress

When talking to a doctor about fertility, they’ll ask you how stressed you are. Why? Because stress can impact the bodies ability to produce sperm. Exercise, yoga, enjoying their favorite hobby, or any other activity that will allow them to burn off those negative feelings. Dealing with stress properly won’t only help your emotional state but keep your sperm healthy too!

Monitor your weight

Being overweight can be taxing on your body. Nearly every normal function is put under stress including sperm production. There are a number of studies that have shown that an overweight man’s sperm count is lower than a man of normal weight. Maintaining a healthy weight is key to keeping sperm healthy.

Other factors

 There are a number of other factors that can affect sperm counts which can include genetics, hormonal abnormalities, pollutants, medications, substance abuse and physical problems like a varicocele. If you are having problems, be proactive and let us help you start your family.

The Centers for Sexual Medicine is one of the leading centers for male infertility, and male and female sexual function. Dr. Gittens is an expert and will help guide you through your fertility problems. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more and set up an appointment. Be sure to check out our blogs to educate yourself on our services and sexual health issues faced by both men and women.

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