What is up with these online pharmacies and doctors?

Nothing better than making an online purchase. Anything you could ever want from every corner of the world is just a few clicks away from being delivered onto your porch by Friday morning. As the old saying goes, “if it’s too good to be true, it is” and that couldn’t be truer than online pharmacies or physicians.

Recently, I had a patient that received hormonal therapy for an online pharmacy. The physician had never checked the patient’s labs or even asked them about their medical problems. When I saw his hormonal numbers they were way off and he felt terrible.

The question that one should ask when consulting with pharmacies or physicians is who is truly on the other end of the call? Is that person a specialist? Is that person expert in the area that you are concerned about? Is that person salesman? Lastly, after my initial consultation and my fees have been paid who and how will I be followed up? These are important questions that you should research prior to being treated.

The symptom is the tip of the Iceberg

Often times, the symptoms that we see for sexual function or fertility can be a sign of what is happening in the body. For example, vaginal pain may be a sign of infection, hormonal disruptions, back problems or pelvic muscle spasm. Erectile dysfunction can be a sign of heart disease or diabetes, and infertility may be a marker for future cancers. This is why when it comes to sexual function and hormonal therapy the treatment is extremely important, but finding out WHY can also help prevent future life-threatening issues. An expert will be able to figure these things out.

Dr. Google

Sure, you could probably see Dr. Google or find some information on a medication that’s listed on a pharmacy’s site, but is that answer the most up to date and current? How does it relate to your current medical problem? An expert will be able to give you all the answers you need as well as their opinion on things that may come from experience. Nothing is more beneficial to a patient than receiving information and opinions from an expert.

Online Pharmacies Aren’t always up to standard

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gets a lot of heat from people, including myself. Overall it does try to keep medications safe for public use. The problem is the internet is just too vast for this kind of regulation. Luckily, there are a number of things that you can look for in order to tell if an online pharmacy is authentic or simply a scam. Look for a valid state-licensed pharmacist who is affiliated with or can answer questions on the site. See if it needs a prescription to complete your order and is based in the US. If you don’t see any of these qualities be more skeptical.

The Dangers of Online Orders

Online pharmacies are not as reliable as they are often made out to be. When you order medication from one of these sites, you have many risks to worry about. Some of these dangers include receiving the wrong medicine, medications not being up to FDA mandatory code, and pills that are potentially counterfeit or highly addictive. Having everything delivered to your door is very convenient, but it is not without its risk.

As a clinician, I do see value in online services. I think that they can provide a less expensive avenue for many men and women that would have to pay a premium price for medication than many office. BUT we have to ask the relevant questions and find out about the quality and training of whoever is on the other end of the URL.

While it might seem like just another modern wonder of life in 2019, it’s never smart to choose an online pharmacy or nonqualified physician online over that of an expert.

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