Tips to last longer in Bed- Get rid of your Premature Ejaculation

For men, one of the most embarrassing things that can happen in the bedroom is premature ejaculation (PE) or rapid ejaculation. PE is generally when a man ejaculates within two minutes of engaging in sexual intercourse. When this happens, it can leave both parties extremely dissatisfied and specifically giving the male psychological troubles that can have lasting effects should this issue happen multiple times. PE is common and is present and can affect up to 30% of men. PE can even get so bad that males will actively avoid sexual activity due to it. Using these tips you should be able to prevent or delay PE.

The Squeeze Technique

One of the best ways to help control PE is something that both you and your partner can do. This is the squeeze technique and it should, with a little practice, help you curb your PE. The technique itself is rather straightforward. When you feel yourself about to ejaculate, you or your partner grab your penis and squeeze the head of the penis. This will cause you to lose about 10-30% of your erection but it will prevent you from orgasming. After this, you can go back to enjoying the sex you were just having. The technique takes time and patience to learn but its results will speak for themselves. It’s definitely worth the effort.

Thicker Condoms and Desensitizing Creams 

If you are having sex, chances are you are using condoms regularly but what you don’t know is that the type of condom that you use can affect how quickly you ejaculate. It’s true, certain condoms will cause you to finish faster than others. The easy solution to this is to simply switch up what condoms you use. There are such a variety of types and styles that you should take the time to explore and find which one works best for you. On top of different condoms, you can also try using desensitizing creams. These creams will numbyour penis to varying degrees and allow you to last much longer due to the reduced feeling in them. Just remember that the cream affects whatever it touches so make sure it doesn’t accidentally cause your partner to feel less pleasure.

Switch Positions

Lets face it some positions are more stimulating than other. One of the easiest methods to help prevent premature ejaculation is to change positions with your partner during the course of your intercourse. When you get to the point that you feel you are going to orgasm, let your partner know so you can switch positions. This helps for a few different reasons. One, it will give you time to take a quick breather from the action and lose the state of near orgasm, two, it will help keep the sex going longer, and three, it will give some extra fun to your experience. Don’t be afraid to switch between positions you and your partner enjoy in order to make sure you last as long as possible.

Fix your Erectile Dysfunction

Some men only begin to have PE when they begin having problems with the firmness of their erections. Many times by fixing the ED with pills, injections or with more natural solutions like Corewave ™ Therapy  will help firm up your erections and lead to more lasting fun.

Pre- Sex Masturbation

One of the easiest ways to help prevent premature ejaculation is to masturbate a few hours before if you can. Masturbation offers a number of benefits such as stress relief while also helping you fight PE. If you masturbate about an hour or so before you know you will be engaging in sexual activity it may help with your time in bed.

Oral Medication

There are a number of oral medications that can be used to help delay ejaculation. These medications work on brain signals to decrease the impulse to ejaculate more quickly. These medications should only be prescribed by physicians are very effective in prolonging your response time.

See a Psychologist

PE can be caused by psychological issues a man is suffering from. These causes include depression, stress, anxiety, and conflicts going on in their lives. All of these can be amplified or worsened when one begins to suffer from premature ejaculation. This can also result in problems in one’s relationship with their partner, which in turn will cause more problems. You can see the cycle this leads to, which is why if you are having prolonged PE you should consider seeing a psychologist. If they can help you find the root cause of your PE than you can work to fix it and have a happier and more fulfilling sex life.

Stay longer

Premature ejaculation might be frustrating but it is not impossible to fix. These are just some of the best ways to help you get a hold of the problem. However, sometimes it is best to see a doctor in order to discuss your issues relating to PE. The doctors at the Center for Sexual Medicine are here and ready to help with PE and any other sex-related issues you might be facing. Our experienced team have seen it all and can be trusted with some of your most private issues allowing you to receive the help you need.

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