What is the Best Form of Birth Control?

Off the top of your head, can you guess the most effective form of birth control? The answer “not having sex” doesn’t count, but if you guessed a vasectomy you are correct! A vasectomy is a procedure where a man has his vas deferens cut, tied, to prevent sperm from being mixed into the semen. This procedure almost eliminates the risk of pregnancy and is extremely safe, yet many men are almost afraid to even consider this option. This largely comes from the fact that the benefits of this operation are hardly talked about. Around 500,000 men a year choose to get this operation done and the majority of men are very happy they did it. At the Center of Sexual Medicine, we want everyone man to know that this option is available and extremely beneficial to him. We also realize that men only get this procedure done once, so going to a physician that is an expert is important.

Extremely Effective

Getting a vasectomy is one of the single most effective forms of birth control available. In fact, it has been shown to be more effective at preventing pregnancy than condoms and birth control pills. That being said, its effects take time to set in. The average time for a male to lose all remaining sperm is about 3 months or between 15 and 20 ejaculations. It is important to use another form of birth control during that period of time. The patient will usually have between 1 and 3 semen analysis run from their doctor before the procedure is deemed successful. Once the sperm count is found to be zero, the risk of pregnancy falls to less than 1%. Although the vasectomy should be thought of as a permanent decision it can be reversed with a procedure called the vasectomy reversal.

The Vasectomy May Improve your Sex Life

After the procedure, you will need to wait a short amount of time before engaging in sexual activity. Once a man is back to having sex his drive may actually increase due to the operation. This is due to the fact that the mental stresses that can come with the risk of an unwanted pregnancy are almost eliminated and there being no longer a need for other kinds of birth control. This improves spontaneity and may also have an impact on a women’s overall enjoyment of sex.


The vasectomy procedure is easy and convenient. It all takes place in our office without the need to be put under beforehand. A local anesthetic is applied to the scrotum and the area is shaved prior to the operation. Once it begins, the man will hardly feel anything other than some minor pressure. After that, a little rest and recovery is all that is needed.

Extremely low risk

This procedure is extremely safe and has minimal risks involved. Naturally, many patients have a few concerns such as if they will be in extreme pain afterward. This is rarely the case. There are a handful of side effects that are rare such, swelling, infection, chronic pain and an unsuccessful procedure. If there is discomfort then you can take pain relievers. If you find yourself in the waiting room for a vasectomy don’t let your anxiety get the better of you there is nothing the risks are very low.

Getting a vasectomy offers fantastic benefits to any man that gets one. It’s is the single best form of birth control, it may improve a man’s sex life, it is convenient, and comes with minimal risks.

Whether you want to prevent future children or are looking for a more permanent method of preventing pregnancy, a vasectomy is worth your consideration. At our office we peform the no scalpel vasectomy

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